Montreat Affect

Posted by Black Mountain Birdie | Posted in | Posted on Monday, March 08, 2010

Montreat, the sister town (if you can call it a town) to Black Mountain, really more of a "golden child," is set apart by the surrounding mountain landscape, thick rhododendron hedges, and the oh so ominous (not really) Montreat gate.  It's as if nature itself decided to keep a piece to itself...sweet, quiet, gentle and yet wildly rugged.  I actually came here first to visit the small but present college and left feeling a bit like I had discovered some secret world.

It's very essences entices you to reflect, read, forget about the "outside" world, leave behind your TV, your schedule, and even a bit of your sanity...

I invite you to come here...experience the Montreat affect for yourself, wade through the cold mountain creeks, walk in the middle of the road (as annoying as that is to us locals!), visit Huckleberries for an ice cream (the only place resembling a restaurant), sit on your front porch watching for bears, and even attempt the imposing, but oh so rewarding, hike to Mount Mitchell. 

Come see why even the bears here seem somehow...gentle.

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I went to that "small but present college" from 1992-1996. A wonderful place. I miss it.