Studio 103

Posted by Black Mountain Birdie | Posted in | Posted on Thursday, March 25, 2010

This afternoon I spent some time with Rebecca D'Angelo at her new fine art gallery, Studio 103.   Her openness and passion for art are obvious, however it was her genuine and kind heart that really made this "non-artist" feel right at home.  Her amazing bio, unending list of artists with whom she has met and worked, and personal life experience make the opening of this studio seem a natural evolution of her life. 

The studio, small and humble, has a personal atmosphere. I just wanted to set up an cozy chair in the middle and just hang...hang like one of the beautiful paintings on the wall.  I was thrilled to meet the artist, Chris Milk, as I was there.  He too had a warm and friendly face with eyes that twinkled...similar to his art!  His paintings, on recycled wood, are bright, folksy, and whimsical...just what we all need a bit of this Spring!  I really encourage connoisseur or simply one who appreciates beauty.... to take a stroll over to Studio 103 (103 West. St. - behind the Chamber and next to Mac's) Friday night 5-8.  Enjoy some cheese, wine, and a bit of culture right here in our very own backyard. 
You can see more from Chris Milk here.

Also check out Rebecca D'Angelo's stunning editorial photography
as well as her website dedicated to her wedding and portrait photography.

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very cool. i think i will go check this out tonight.

Just found this little bird!!! Great job Heidi...a new treasure for Black Mountain! Sorry it took a while, with the death of our computer my internet time has been at around 0%. So glad to finally find your new fabulous and I must say that you are an artist my friend.

Great job ~ Jen