Town Hardware and General Store...the heart of Black Mountain

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The nostalgia and simplicity of this town, and the tradition that helps it retain it's identity, can be most appreciated with a stroll through the Town Hardware & General Store. At the very heart of downtown, figuratively and literally speaking, this piece of Black Mountain occupies what used to be the town drug store and the 5-and-10. A bit novelty, a bit practical, you will always find items here that are timeless and genuine.


Heaven to my 3 year old son, this store has something for everyone...from his latest purchase, a handmade slingshot, to my own well worn cast iron skillet, a kitchen staple in any southerner's book.  They have surprisingly great prices and...boy is it worth saving a trip to Asheville!  Whether you are looking for that fertilizer you need for your drab looking grass, a clamp for your leaking pipe, or a last minute gift for your endearingly difficult will find something here...I promise! 

Below are a few of my favorites!
Oil lamps and lanterns
Lodge cast iron cookware
White Mountain ice cream freezers
Kenkel nutcracker
Pioneer Folk Toys (made in western NC)
Lunch boxes
Drawknives, spokeshaves, woodworking tools
Briwax, Howard's Restor-A-Finish
Acorn forged iron hardware
Hohner harmonicas, musical washboards, jaws harps
Radio Flyer wagons
John Deere collectibles
Marbles, jacks and other classic toys
Erector sets and Lincoln Logs
Mrs. Stewart's bluing, Bag Balm
Shaving brushes and soaps
Stoneware crocks
Sausage makers and apple peelers
Balsa gliders
Regional interest books

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i love black mountain. What a perfect way to let us who live here as well as people that come visit know what's going on. great idea heidi, there is a large need being met through this blog.
Town Hardware is a little boy's dream as well as my husbands. what a gem of a place it is. love the pictures, they really capture the unique historic quality of it.