Ole's Gaucamoles Mexican Kitchen

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Some people have this infectious joy that just seems to pour out of them...
Well, Elena and Ole DeLatorre are two of these people. They are the owners of Ole's Gaucamoles, or "Mole Maucamoles" as my 3 year old would say. I've been addicted from my first meal there...I think it was their flautas (yum!). Not only is their food fresh, authentic, and delicious, but they also make you feel right at home with their warm smiles and gracious hearts. It is truly a family business...their 3 sons (Abraham, Daniel, and Alfredo) work with them in the restaurant. Ole moved to the US from Mexico where he had learned from his parents the art of authentic Mexican food when he was 16. He worked in several restaurants in California and, as the requested cook at all their family gatherings, Elena says he has always had a passion for making delicious food. This love for sharing food now reaches farther than just his family as Ole will often bring over some of his special homemade sauces during your meal...some picante...but all delicious!

As Elena shared with me their story it made me love them even more...if possible.

Since having moved here from California in 2000 Ole had been working at Lowes. They both, however, knew that their dream was to own their own business. One morning in Sept 2006, while shopping at some local yard sales, they saw this old building for rent...it had no bathroom, no kitchen, bare block walls, but something sparked in them and, as Elena said, "I knew I could do some miracles here." (Don't you just love them!) It was a risk, it took a dream, a lot of work, a great cook, and many months, but they finally opened that next Spring. Since then business has been cookin! The restaurant is always packed (for good reason), which is why they are now embarking on a new venture.

They are moving into what used to be Allison's Diner. Now, in the midst of totally redoing the new place, they are full of vision. Before today I had not known that Elena is an artist (quite talented too) and that creativity is evident everywhere, from the reclaimed door found in an old barn of Ole's parents' home in Mexico which is now a one-of-a-kind bench, to the beautiful Mexican art adorning the walls. One particularly beautiful painting, now hanging behind their register, is Elena's own work, but she promises me that she will put more of her own paintings in the new space! The new location will also have one side called "Casa Azul" (Blue House, inspired by artist Frida Kahlo) which will be a sports bar and another side with the big picture windows looking out over the river called "Bellas Artes" which will be more family focused and art inspired. They will also have a great patio "Boca del Rio" along the river for those perfect summer evenings!

Stay tuned into "birdie" because they are planning to open the new location around the end of May and, as you know, I will be chirping about it!

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Love that place!

we love ole's! can't wait for the new place.


Richard sent me and Bill a link to your blog - it's terrific! What a great idea, and your profiles of area businesses and activities are so detailed and descriptive.

Can't wait to make Black Mountain our home.

Pat Bastian

Just want to second what you said in your article. You captured the Deletorre's so well. They not only serve GREAT food, but they are the heart and soul of what the Black Mountain community stands for - good people who care about their community, gracious hosts, family-oriented, and dedicated to the community that they serve.
Step into Ole Guacomole's and you'll be nourished more than just in your tummy!

Courtney Smith, regular customer

I swear whatever I am wondering about you answer it...thanks for writing a blog about all the things I wish were in the Blk Mtn News ;)

My 3-year old (now nearly 5) used to call it "HAKA-MOLY-HOLY's" which always sounded Hawaiian to me. We love to go there, and look forward to the expanded seating and outdoor dining.