A Few of My Favorite things...

Posted by Black Mountain Birdie | | Posted on Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I hope you all don't mind a bit of cheese today...but I couldn't help myself...these really are a few of my favorite things and as I walked around downtown Black Mountain today....well...it just had to be done! 

A little boy with ice cream sitting on my lap
soft cuddly kittens and a robin that sings
These are a few of my favorite things

 A pretty new necklace, a warm summer day
Down feather pillows and the whole month of May

a small garden shed with lingering peonies
the perfect pair of gold earrings
These are a few of my favorite things!

Click on the links to find out where in Black Mountain I found these items.  Some I purchased some I just admired.  The kitten was at the Farmer's Market this weekend...and I did not take it home!! However, they may be there again next weekend "Free to Good Home." Well, thanks for letting me ramble...don't laugh too hard.  I really appreciate all who read this blog!
Disclaimer:  Sorry about the messy formatting today....I just can't get these pictures where I want them. 

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Heidi, do not known how you keep on digging up these little nuggets of gold....With you blog and our weekly Black Mt news subscription it is second best to not yet living in Black Mt. Looks like Pat and I will have to speed up our retirement and building our dream home at the new Stone Crest development on Allen Mt...Please keep up the blog and for those of us who are out of city limits how about some little nuggets from Swannanoa

love seeing all the small things about black mountain that you love. living here everyday it's easy to miss things such as these.