Guess the Mystery Location Contest

Posted by Black Mountain Birdie | | Posted on Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm going to start with an easy one here...just to test the waters and see how responsive you guys actually are!!!  And, if this little segment becomes a hit...I can imagine I will begin having some prizes for the winners!!  (We may also travel into Swannanoa for future contests)
So...I ask you...where is this?

To answer click on the number icon at the top right of this post...this will allow you to make a comment and leave your answer.  Remember to be specific!

Comments (3)

This is in the lawn area in front of Bone-a-Fide Bakery and Pet Boutique!

Don't want to give it away
How about 2 door south from the +

I 4 doors North

BTW We ate with you last Evening,

Good job...this one was definitely too easy! We will have to get more challenging!