The Merry Wine Market...Nothing to Whine about here!

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What do you come to a small town for? Simplicity, nostalgia, authenticity….a chance to get away from chains, big business, fast paced chaos? Me too! Well, here in Black Mountain you will find what you are looking for at The Merry Wine Market. Here it's about more than selling wine…it's about making a friend, sharing a story, learning the art of appreciating good things…whether in food, wine, or life.

Scott and Katherine Counce, the owners of The Merry Wine Market, are truly the secret to their success. If you have ever walked in to The Merry Wine Market downtown Black Mountain you know what I mean…to know them is to love them! They are warm and welcoming…and the greatest thing is that they have an amazing knowledge of wine and food…especially Katherine who trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, was recruited by and worked with George Blanc, a three-star Michelin chef, and has had many offers at some of the top restaurants in NY and Europe. Scott, on the other hand, admits he “didn’t know if Chardonnay was red or white” until Katherine got a hold of him. First meeting as teenagers at camp here in Black Mountain, Scott says “I never forgot her.” While she traveled the world in her culinary endeavors,  he went from "Corporate America" to choosing a teaching career so he could make an impact.

Several years later, on an chance encounter, they saw each other again and Scott instantly knew “that was the girl I was going to marry.” After getting married Scott convinced Katherine (not hard to imagine as he is a born salesman) to give Black Mountain 1 year and if she didn't fall in love with it they would move. Scott described Black mountain as a “cosmopolitan city all dressed up like a small town.” Katherine did fall in love with the town, they stayed, and now they have put down roots here!

About 5 years ago they started The Merry Wine Market...”everyone’s wine shop” (written on the sign out front). They love educating people about wine and hope folks come away knowing they can find a great bottle of wine for under $10. Those who frequent the shop know that Scott or Katherine will remember what kind of wine they got last time, suggest something new to try, or even help them pair a wine with a special menu they have planned. As Scott said, they really try to take the intimidation out of shopping for wine. I personally appreciate this because I didn’t know the first thing about wine myself!  Their last suggestion to me for a nice summer white wine was Basa...and it was, of course...delicious!

So whether you know wine, like wine, or merely interested in meeting some of the most generously hospitable business owners in Black Mountain you will want to visit this little treasure, The Merry Wine Market. This is one of those precious shops where you come, you shop…you talk…and you walk away feeling like you got so much more than just a great bottle of wine. If nothing more, you will come away with a smile and a new friend. So, next time your in town be sure to stop by for a bottle of wine, a Pisgah growler, one of their delicious artisanal cheeses, local jams or jellies, or that unique gift.
All of these wonderful photos are taken by a dear friend and talented photographer, Jennifer Haynes. I hope you will be seeing more of her work on here.

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Love the Merry Wine Market! What a fun article, I didn't know all those fun facts! AWESOME pictures Jen, you two make a good team!

Great article! Love the Merry Wine Market!

Oh the Merry Wine Market.. love it! = ) And Jen great pics too!

Great Blog! This is very helpful.

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