Artisan...Art-is-an expression of the senses

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What is art..what is food...what do they have in common? Well, I do believe that making good food, knowing fine wine, and taking those moments to enjoy both is an art in itself. It is an art that I have not perfected and am just now learning to my most un-artful self I cook reluctantly, eat quickly (surprised I haven't been recruited for a hot dog eating contest yet), and drink indiscriminately! I am recovering though...I am digging deep trying to find the artist in me, enliven my sense, and...ok, really I am just trying to live better, eat healthier, and enjoy it all more. However, I do believe this is an innate gifting of an artist, or artisan in this instance, to really experience life through their senses. And I believe it is through their art, craft, or delicacy they express what they have seen, felt, heard, and tasted...therefore, letting the world into their world.

A perfect place to experience the art of food, and actually a bit of art itself, is the new gourmet market, coffee and wine bar,
Artisan, located in
Cheshire Village, Black Mountain. It really is such a treasure for this little town and I keep being amazed by the number of quality specialty items they showcase.  The last time I went I wanted to discover just one really delicious item that would be "my secret find" and a regular on my shopping list...well, I didn't discover one...I discovered several (a Dalmatian fig spread, best-I've-ever-had sourdough bread, and a delicious line of teas)...and I can't wait to go try more.  The great thing is that I they often give samples for customers to try!

The owners, Kurt and Emily, are just as delightful!   It is hard to believe they are newcomers here because you get the feeling that they know and love this area, but like many of us they came here on a visit, fell in love, and followed their hearts here.  The crazy thing is...that was just one short year ago...and now they have a thriving, busier-than-ever-expected, business.  This isn't their first rodeo though.  They had a similar market in Michigan with Kurt's twin brother.  After selling their share in that market and traveling a bit they ended up here in Black Mountain...and I, for one (among many), am thankful!  I asked Kurt what initially brought him into this type of food business and he said "when it's in your blood, you just can't help it."  He had grown up in a Polish Meat Market and has always been around food.  Emily raves about his delicious sausages...which of course, like everything so far, live up to their acclaim! 

They shared with me a true desire to see people change the way they shop...rather than buying a shopping cart full of items, freezing some, and throwing some away because it went bad, they want people to experience the taste of fresh food, fresh meat, artisan cheeses, daily made bread, and specialty items from around the world that they can purchase daily or as needed.  The idea, a bit European, allows you to focus on high quality, small quantity, and little is also much more nutritious.  Many of their customers have said this way of shopping has saved them money...and I am sure it has tasted better in the process!  I, myself, am excited about making a change like this...fresher is better and less is more!



They always have fresh pastries and baked goods for breakfast, sandwiches and soups for lunches, and an appetizer menu for the evenings

A few other items to note or events to share...

Thursday nights are a free wine tasting from 5-7pm
Gift baskets available in all price ranges
"Top Of The Crop" Farmers Market Wednesdays from 3-6pm
Daily baked breads...including that delicious sourdough straight from San Francisco!
Delicious cheeses from all over the world...I hear the mozzarella flown in from Italy on Mondays is amazing!
Awesome fresh seafood, much of which comes from the North Carolina coast
I could go on...and on!

These stunning photos by photographer Jennifer Haynes really tell the full story...much better than I possibly could.  However, I really do have so many great things I want to share about this place that I do promise another post on Artisan...just like a good cup of coffee (specifically Dynamite coffee...which they carry!) it is just too good to not share again.

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You did it again! Great post!

For us wine lovers they also have a wonderful selection of wine by the glass to enjoy inside or out on the patio....a great place that any town would love to have.....

Yum! Photos are delicious too. Thanks, Heidi - can't wait to make my way back to Black Mountain.

Where the dogs a stage prop ....hope not as can't wait to visit with our dog Charlie in Aug....hopefully by then they will have a community dog water bowl.

Just happened to read Bill's comment and yes they do have a community dog water bowl! Emily specifically mentioned that they were dog friendly. They keep a water bowl outside the front door and cannister of dog treats inside. It was a happy accident when those two dogs ran by as I was photographing the front of the bring Charlie!