It's Oak House!

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Yes, one of my new favorites...the Oak House Restaurant in Black Mountain! The funny thing is I always want to call it "Oh Cows" because the first time we went my daughter kept asking me "where are all the cows? Why don't they have pictures of cows?"...not until days later did we realize the great misunderstanding. You know..."Oak House" does sound like "Oh Cows!"

Well, let me just say these guys have done it right! Some places just have that spark, that energy, that buzz...this place has it. It all came about when two guys...different paths, different restaurant backgrounds, both talented, both ready for a new challenge...met each other working out at Cheshire Fitness Center of all places.  They decided last year to join forces in this new venture and so far so good.  I first went there the second morning they were open...not knowing what to expect, having heard little about their opening, I was so thoroughly surprised and impressed. The food was great. The service was wonderful (even in the midst of being unexpectedly slammed). And it was affordable!!! This was my type of place!

Steve is the magic in the dining area with his charisma and immediate hospitality and Scott is the secret weapon in the kitchen with his passion for food and amazing gift for flavor. Between the mouthwatering bites of their seafood wrap and few sips of a Fat Tire I was able to talk to both Steve and Scott.  They were both an open book with a palpable excitement for what they are doing.  Steve worked in the restaurant business in Florida for 30 years from marketing to management. Steve, his wife, and their 3 kids (all who have sandwiches named after them) moved to Black Mountain "because of the people" years ago after a series of vacations here.  A few moments with him and you will realize he is genuine, loves his staff, and appreciates his customers.  Just as it was when he was growing up in his grandparents' Italian delicatessen, he wants things to be on a first name basis and always served with a lot of love. 

Scott grew up mostly in the Asheville area but traveled a lot.  Beginning his food career picking fresh sea grape leaves for his dad's restaurant in St. Croix, he continued his travels and food experiences working everywhere from Boston, to Sarasota FL, Colorado Springs, Charletston, and finally back to Asheville at Richmond Hill Inn and the Grovepark Inn.  He says it was the "University of Hard Knocks" (with a little early education from his mom and grandmother) that really taught him how to cook...whatever it was...worked.  Let's just say "the proof is in the pudding."  Even after a long day in the kitchen he is giddy talking about different dishes he is cooking up.   Everything I have had there so far has been delicious, flavorful, and comforting.  It is all made fresh right when you order and often from a local farm or garden...possibly out of their own backyard. 

Currently open only for breakfast, and lunch, and a great Sunday brunch, it is this fall that they plan to open on Friday nights for an exclusive, reservation only, dinner seating.  They also offer the restaurant to groups for events or parties in the evenings for just the cost of food, beverage, and gratuity...I'm already working up a plan for a party soon!  So come on over to this charming "house" across from the post office and enjoy some "Food and Friends" just like their sign says. 



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i knew it! now I will go and read!

This review has soul and personality that for sure will attract many people to stop by...Does anyone know if they take credit cards

Oops left off that I loved jennifer haynes photo's....Does anyone known if this restaurant is dog friendly

Yes they take Visa, MC, and Discover. Yes they are dog friendly

Thanks for the answer, Anonymous...and for the feedback everyone!