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Posted by Black Mountain Birdie | Posted in | Posted on Friday, July 16, 2010

I just wanted to say "hey" (so slang I know, such an indication of my generation) before the weekend...I know posts have been scarce but things have gotten busy this last week.   I have some good ones coming up though...so please stay tuned! 

We did fit in one of our great camping nights in Montreat.  So fun and I think my new favorite campsite is #8...if you didn't check out Montreat Campground after my first post on it, please go sometime soon.  It is quite perfect in my opinion!!!  I also made good on a promise to go paddle boating with the kids...a little anticlimactic, but still fun and only $4 for 30 minutes! 

One of my personal highlights recently was getting to enjoy an evening alone, without having to answer questions or entertain anyone...thanks to my husband and Vacation Bible School.  I chose to spend it at the Dripolator Coffeehouse alone with my thoughts...and, of course, the continuous flow of people coming and going ("strangers" I would say but as a rule I tend not call anyone a stranger because no matter how odd they may look...how dare I be so presumptuous to think of them as stranger than I).  That is one thing, though, I love about the summers here.  You get to see new faces of unfamiliar people who exchange smiles but expect nothing...no small talk, no pressure, just fleeting moments of common glances and a few head nods.  As a rule I love living where I am known and where I know the folks around me; however, it is a refreshing exception to that rule to have evenings to be anonymous...to be an unaffiliated spectator.  I sat in a perfectly placed window seat where I read, thought, and wrote...but nothing for anyone but myself.  Quite nice...I think I shall do it again.

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