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Several times now I have seen the play area at Cherry Street Kids while shopping for a present (often last minute in route to a birthday party), but I have never paid it much attention.  As I have tried to corral my kids away from the toys...using my go-to line "why don't you ask for that for Christmas..." knowing they will forget it by then so I can avoid an unnecessary purchase, I have passed over the wonderful potential of the play area. Now it does cost $4 for kids to play and $2 for siblings, so you will want to have some time to really get your money's worth, but it is a little bit of heaven for kids and peace for parents. Half of the the proceeds go to Hand In Hand (a charity which I will talk about more in a coming post) and if you purchase something $10 or more you will get $2 back. They also get a free balloon with this!

 Now, let me tell you about this play area...wonderful old school toys, Calico Critters with a house for them to play in, a huge supply of toy grocery items and a register, drawers of dress-up clothes, and even a couch for you to sit on. I was there with my 2 kids + 1 and they had a blast for about an hour and 45 minutes...and would have stayed longer. Having this much time (without fighting even!) I spent some of it looking around the store and thinking about...Christmas!  There are so many wonderful toys in this little boutique style kids shop....I just hadn't taken the time to find all of them before.   

Angela Willkos owns the shop and you can often find her daughters, Aniela and Katheryn (I am sure the inspiration for the shop), working there with with her.  While talking with them I found out that this building was originally a grocery store as you can see remnants of that in the vintage Coca-Cola plaque on the floor!  It is a touch of character and lingering reminder of the past...good things were built to last.  Just like quality made children's toys that hold up despite years of love, it is in the markings of time that give true sentimentality to something...or somewhere.   
 Above are a couple of my latest purchases (or soon to be)...the Gund baby animals/blankets are wonderful for baby showers, the Magic 16 magnetic puzzle is a hit with my 6 year old, and I can't wait to use this Memory Game for our upcoming road trip!  Cherry Street Kids also has a huge selection of puppets, vintage toys, Gund animals, books, musical instruments, and even some children's clothing.  Whether for upcoming Christmas presents, a birthday gift that will be a hit at any party, stocking stuffers (they have some great ones!), or just an afternoon of play, you really must make Cherry Street Kids a regular stop on your route.   I dare you to try their flavored crickets and spiced larvae. 

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