Tis The Season

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This is the season to be thankful for what has been given to us, generous with what we have (great or small), and hopeful for what is to come...so fitting for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  The next few weeks I will be sharing different charity events or ways that you can participate in this community by giving.  Shayla is in my nephew's class at Black Mountain Primary...please read her story below and come join them at Warm Wishes event this weekend. 

On Saturday, December 4, from 12:30- 3:30, before the Holiday Parade in downtown Black Mountain begins, the public can enjoy some good food, treats, live music and other surprises over at White Horse Black Mountain on Montreat Road.  By attending this Warm Wishes event, individuals can make a difference for a number of those less fortnate in their community this holiday season.

One reason to attend is to help raise money for the transportation and medical expenses for five-year-old Black Mountain resident Shayla Garrett who has a form of cancer known as neuroblastoma.  Community members have pulled together in this effort and 
are offering BBQ ribs, chicken and hot dogs along with many side dishes for a small donation fee.  Even Shalyla’s kindergarten class has pitched in to make cookies for the bake sale. There will be live music and a silent auction with items from local shops and restaurants and artists.  If you would like to make a donation and cannot attend, contact Jackie Vale at 828-712-4103 or valecrew@yahoo.com

Even with the shattering news that her illness has returned, Shayla continues to think of others who may be in discomfort this winter.  With her sister Savannah and mother Jennifer they are doing something for those who may not have money for their heat.   This is the other reason to stop by the Warm Wishes event at White Horse.   The Garretts attend Jubilee, which offered 100 envelopes, each with $10 in it, to individuals who wished to help raise money to help those in need of heating assistance this winter.   Shayla and her family took the envelope with the $10 and came up with several different ideas, but when they received the news about Shayla’s relapse it changed what they could do or had time to do. 

Their idea now is to make 1,000 cranes and sell them for $1.00 each at the Warm Wishes event.  This will raise money---potentially $1,000---for those in need with heating expenses.   Plus, they say if they make 1,000 cranes they get the ultimate gift of a wish.  And theirs will be for Shayla’s full recovery.  The 1,000 cranes is a beautiful real life story about Sadako Sasaki who was only two years old when the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. At the age of 11, she was diagnosed with Leukemia, or the "Atomic Bomb Disease."  Her courage in the face of her cancer and determination to fold 1,000 paper cranes to be granted a wish had been an inspiration to many people all over the world.

This holiday season, individuals can find they can make a big difference in the lives of others with very little effort and by having some fun too by attending the Warm Wishes gathering at White Horse.   By giving just a little at this event, one can feel they have contributed to the real spirit of what this holiday season is all about.

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