My Top 5 Things To Do in Black Mountain

Posted by Black Mountain Birdie | | Posted on Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You get to hear my favorite things in Black Mountain all the I want to know yours! I will pick different people and give you their Top 5 in Black Mountain every week or so. It can be restaurants (even better if you have a specific dish you love), locations, businesses, items in a shop, or even people. Be creative...get thinking and email me if you would like to contribute...find my email on the "About Birdie" page. I may take pictures of your favorites or, even better, I can use yours.

I can't wait to hear!

My Top 5 this week!
#5 - Apple Walnut Bread at Dripolator...mmmmmm!
#4 - Driving North Fork Road and the view of T.K. Brown Farm in the Valley with the mountain backdrop.
#3 - Listening to music at The White Horse (more to come on this later...stay tuned)
#2 - Buying my Christmas presents here in town!
#1 - The People...yep, that is you...and you...and #1 favorite thing in Black Mountain, NC!

Also, the Black Mountain Tailgate Market is having a special Holiday Market for your Thanksgiving needs this weekend 10am-1pm.

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wow are you on a roll or what.....great idea ...cant wait to share mine and read others

only 5...there are so many things that makes Black Mt so special.

Love this idea. I would love to come up with some too!

Love it! So that means I'm your #1 favorite! Good thing that would be mine too!

My favorites:

Mushroom soup at Apple A Day

Sipping a glass of wine on the patio outside Artisan Gourmet Market while the sun sets

I haven't tried their Mushroom soup yet...thanks for the tip, Pat!

Yep North Fork Road and the Brown Farm views makes one feel like they are miles away from civilization...I notice there is a new development with street lights call Stone Crest....need to check it out. Looks like a great place to live.