What is White Horse Black Mountain?

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The name White Horse Black Mountain was ringing through the minds of Kim Hughes and Bob Hinkle just a few years ago when one morning it seemed to just come to them out of nowhere.  They couldn't stop wondering what it meant until one day, they were introduced to this funky old garage/warehouse space, at one time a Chevy dealership, in the heart of downtown Black Mountain.  As they walked around dreaming about what could be, they happened upon this large dusty painting of a white horse hanging on the wall.  Kim froze and looked at Bob..."Is this White Horse Black Mountain?"  From that point they said they just knew what they were to do. 

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Bob had 40 years experience in the music business as an artist, personal manager, CEO of record companies, and consultant.  Kim had an opera career in New York for 15 years.  The White Horse is now 2 years old.  It has brought some amazing music to the Black Mtn area and has made quite a name for itself.  You don't want to miss their Second Anniversary Concert November 20th (click on the link to find out who is playing and how you can go!).  

I have been there several times, for a friend's party, open mic night, and even for church (Valley Fellowship meets there Sunday nights), but last week was my first concert.  The space is really amazing...4,400 sq. ft., state-of-the-art sound, performance lighting, inviting atmosphere, a beautiful wood and copper bar area (where they even serve food on the weekends), darts, and a wonderful garage style door that can be opened in nice weather for an open air feel.  Driving past you may never know as it is rather unassuming and inconspicuous from the exterior....so please go see what you are missing.  They have evening shows, afternoon events on the weekends, many charity benefits, and open mic nights...something for everyone!

The band, The Broadcast, was incredibly talented.  Just moving to the area from NYC, and still a bit unknown here, you get the feeling that you are watching a bit of greatness. The lead singer, Caitlin Krisko , has a voice that will just blow you away...as a friend said it's a bit like watching Drew Barrymore while listening to Joss Stone.  They are heading out soon on a tour of the Northeast US so catch them if you can. 
All Images © jenniferhaynesPHOTOGRAPHY
White Horse Black Mountain, I am glad you are here and truly believe there is much more to come in the future of The White Horse!

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We love the White Horse! Thanks for the Shout out for the Valley fellowship Heidi!
Great pictures Jen...as usual!

Thanks Heidi! Hope to see you soon!

Kim and Bob

Heidi-- As always, spot on. I look forward in anticipation to your next 'surprise' visit, wherever it may be.