Sweet Indulgence at Louise's Kitchen

Posted by Black Mountain Birdie | Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2011

I have dreams of these cinnamon rolls...warm, just out of the oven, dripping with icing, just like I remember from my childhood.  My favorite thing back then, and still today (aside from the subsequent guilt I feel following the indulgence), is sharing a good cinnamon role with my family.  So, I have to say when I heard that the new digs in town, Louise's Kitchen, were serving them up this past Sunday brunch, I about melted...like icing. 
If you haven't been to Louise's yet, I highly suggest it.  With a light airy, almost beach-like, atmosphere it instantly tugs on your nestaligic tendancies towards food.  For some reason you just know the food you have will be real, local, no frills delicious.  It feels like a true commuity spot...and a place that will continue to evolve as they find their niche. 

My family and I stopped in for lunch the other day and had delicious meal followed by a couple games of shufflepuck...which if you haven't played, you must!  It was really lovely...as are the owners and chef.  I think I'm gonna love it here!

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One more good reason to lose a few more lbs so I can over indulge at other fine eatery in Black Mt.

Any one know the address and what location they move into.