Ice Cream Anyone?

Posted by Black Mountain Birdie | Posted in , | Posted on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do you want "the scoop" on the best ice cream scoops in Black Mountain?  I have to say for a small town we have some good options for ice cream, shakes, and gelato...something for everyone.  But no matter how old you get or how refined your palate, there is just nothing better than sitting on a bench smiling at the world with an ice cream cone in your hand.  It makes you feel 5 years old again.

So, here are some places you may find me this spring sitting on a bench dangling my feet and catching the drips of ice cream before they hit the ground...

Dairy King in Black Mountain, or as all the locals call it "The Blue Cone" (why they don't just change their name I don't know) - here you will find a bit of everything you remember from your childhood.  Nothing fancy but  just a wide array of all the goods...a few of our favorites - vanilla dipped in the raspberry (nothing raspberry about it though), an Arctic swirl with whoppers and snickers, and the good ole stand by chocolate with sprinkles.  Bring CASH though...otherwise it's a trip to the ATM.  

Kilwin's Chocolate, Fudge, and Ice Cream - this is the new kid on the block.  I swear the smell of the homemade fudge beckons you from across the street.  Here you will find a bit more premium ice cream as well as loads of other decadent treats.

Chocolate Gems has my personal favorite...Gelato!  It is divine...and they always have surprising flavors.    A perfect afternoon treat...and just healthy enough to justify taking a truffle for the road (they are amazing!)

Duke's Hot Dogs - really good ice cream shakes...just like I remember from that 50's diner I used to go to as a kid (not the real 1950's diners...I'm not that old...not that that is old - insert smiley face)

I'd love to hear your favorites...

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I have to agree with you that the gelato is the best! Even better, they make it themselves so you know it's not full of artificial stuff.

Ice cream is one of my favorite topics....ever! When the temperature creeps up all I want is ice cream and I am not picky as long as I am outside, like you! This is in Asheville but Biltmore's creamery is AH-MAZING!

I heard last week that a new ice cream shop is opening in the cute little yellow building next to Black Mountain Glass & Mirror. It is going to be a Hershey's shop, hand scooped and inexpensive.

Great to know...I'll keep an eye out for it. Oh, and I have heard the Biltmore Creamery is great! Can't wait to try.

Installing my dental veneers is no easy feat so I have decided that I need to treat myself with a scoop of this cold treat. I can't wait!

Whenever I'm bringing home Ice Cream to my children, I make it a point to always remind them to take good care of their teeth after eating. Also, I always tell them to drink a lot of liquids after eating.

I need help guys! My daughter is now having a TMJ disorder and, I really want to know if eating ice cream would prolong her agony.